174 Roy St
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 284-9093

09/19/2008 Posted by goducksno1

I don't make it to Seattle often, but when I do, I stop by this hip, cozy venue. There are two separate sections, a cozy lounge with its own minibar, and a larger room with the main bar and a pool table. There is booth seating as well as individual tables. In the larger room there is a very cool and unique metal plated wall with magnets and Jabu's locals' personal touch of decor. They have a full bar selection and I'd say they are pretty generous with the pour. The food is surprisingly tasty. My friends couldn't stop lauding the fries. I had a chance to speak with one of the owners who was busily catering to the crowd. She was very friendly and wanted to know if my crew was having a good time. The place just feels like they care. Bottom line - if a person wants to go out and have a good time with normal people and not pay out the yang for beer and fries, this is the place.

Pros: queen annes locale, quick bar, friendly people, familiar faces, pool table, two parts from which to choose your comfort level


Went last Thursday night for my friend's birthday and I must say that I love this place.  The place was quite slow on this night which made for a good vibe for her birthday party.  The drinks were quite stiff and very reasonably priced.  I ordered 4 jagerbombs, 1 crown/coke, 3 vodka/tonics and the total came to $43 dollars. There is one video game machine and a pool table in the bar.

The bartender was a little quiet but then again, he was always there when we needed more drinks.  Didn't order any foods on this occasion so a friend and I ended up walking to Dicks down the block on Mercer to get a deluxe, fries and shake.  It was a good night and I'll be back!
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